for me, the most interesting category of this year's golden horse festival is "Generation of Music"
however, since i am no longer a student who can go to all the movies i am interested in
at the end, i only bought the tickets for two movies in this category
one is "New York Dolls", which i had to work during the exhibition and wasted the ticket
another one is "Tell Me Do You Miss Me", which is a good documentary, i think
it's a film about the indie rock band - Luna
this film documents the last tour in their last six months before announcing it's time for them to say it's the end
after watching this film, i went to find their CD
mostly for one song "23 Minutes in Brussels", which in the ending of the film Luna performs it
their music is very suitable to be as the ambient music whatever i do and wherever i am and no matter what moods i am in
i like it
glad i went to this film and had this chance to know this band

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